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Stories of HOPE Anna Prosser

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Throughout our 25-year history, it has been a privilege to witness people from around the world supporting our cause, building connections with those living in Kolkata and proving that the essence of HOPE knows no bounds. One such story is shared here by supporter Jon Prosser about two special young women – his daughter Anna and a girl in Kolkata called Vishali*.  

One morning in 2015 my daughter Anna stated: "I want to go to Kolkata to help street children with special needs." She'd seen on TV and the internet the work of The Hope Foundation for Street Children (HOPE) and was enthused by its work, which provides street children with education that enables them to build a better future.  

Anna, who is by nature a very kind caring person, decided to focus her attention on supporting children with special needs, with the help of HOPE She supports Vishali a young girl with complex special needs who was abandoned by her family - to reach her development milestones in a safe place. 

Vishali lives in one of HOPE’s Residential Child Care Centres and is very happy there. All of HOPE’s Residential Child Care Centres are licensed by Directorate of Social Welfare, Government of West Bengal and this is important to Anna.  

Anna with children from HOPE's programmes in Kolkata
Anna with children supported by HOPE
Becoming a Junior Ambassador

Like many on the autism spectrum with special educational needs, life has not been easy for Anna. Hence, she is grateful to HOPE for allowing her to help provide a safe place for Vishali. Anna gives talks, raises money, and collects clothes and toys for HOPE. Anna has visited Kolkata for the past eight years and was awarded the title of 'Junior Ambassador' by HOPE for her work.  

*Name changed 

Jon Prosser has a background in leading research projects on child protection. He is currently Professor of Research Methodology at the University of Durham.

Sponsoring a child

Along with fundraising, Anna and Jon also support HOPE as child sponsors. Child sponsorship helps to make a real, lasting impact on disadvantaged street-connected children by securing their education, healthcare and nutrition needs. Find out more about child sponsorship

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