Sonu’s story of HOPE

Sonu's story of HOPE

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When little Sonu met with a terrible train accident, HOPE's Night Round mobile medical team were able to provide emergency treatment and then get him admitted to a local hospital. Despite life-changing injuries, Sonu survived.

[Pictured above: the Night Round team]

HOPE's Night Round mobile medical team were contacted by a member of the community in Nimtala, where an underserved population resides in huts they have built alongside a railway track.

This is a very dangerous place to live, and the consequences were near fatal for a five-year-old boy called Sonu* who met with a terrible train accident. Responding to the emergency at the scene, the Night Round doctor advised that Sonu be admitted to the nearest government hospital for urgent treatment.

Due to the devastating impact of the accident, Sonu's hand and leg were amputated at the hospital, and he was put on ventilation support for a month. 

Sonu returned home after he was discharged. However, the lack of sanitation facilities available within the area meant his wounds would not heal. The Night Round team advised that Sonu should be readmitted to Hope Hospital, and that is where he stayed for a further seven weeks until his wounds healed. 

However, life had became extremely difficult for Sonu as a result of the accident. The Hope Hospital team continued to explore ways in which they could support Sonu. 

He was eventually readmitted to Hope Hospital for prosthetic hand and leg procedures. This was transformative for both Sonu and his family, and will allow him to adjust with time and live life like other children. 

*Name changed

People queue to see the Night Round team
People queue to get help from the Night Round team
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