Malati’s story of HOPE

Malati's story of HOPE

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ICT training and employment skills support through HOPE's Life Skills Training Institute has transformed Malati's life, empowering her to become independent and self-sufficient. Here is her story.

[Pictured above: a young woman from HOPE's computing course]

Malati* is from a family of six who had always struggled financially. Her father was the only earning member of the family, until Malati secured a job at a private education company. 

After graduating, Malati didn't know how she would enter the competitive jobs market. By chance, she heard about HOPE’s Computer Skill Units - part of the Life Skills Training Institute - where personal attention is given to each student to ensure better learning.

To enhance her CV and ensure she had all the skills she needed to get a job, staff at the unit gave Malati relevant employment skills support along with the ICT training. She received regular support with her spoken English and personal development sessions, to improve her communication skills and build her confidence. 

Joining the computing course at the HOPE Life Skills Unit changed Malati’s life.

After completing the course, HOPE's work placement administrators introduced her to several employers and she was selected by a new education service provider company as an Operations & Back Office Executive. 

Now her mother proudly says that Malati’s computer training has made her financially empowered and she can support the family.  

*Name changed

young women using computers
Young women learn essential computing skills

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