Karen’s story of HOPE

Karen's story of HOPE

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Karen is a HOPE supporter who sponsors several street-connected children in Kolkata, to help them gain an education and transform their lives. Here she writes about sponsoring a young man striving to become a doctor. 

I started child sponsorship after seeing the huge difference sponsorship was making to children's lives who have been helped by HOPE.   

Many children were not only completing their schooling but were going on to study at college and university and were finding jobs.  It was so wonderful being able to read each year about how my sponsored child has been progressing at school that I went on to sponsor another two children, including Jotish*. 

When I found out about Jotish trying to become a doctor I felt

really privileged to be able to sponsor him.  I was so impressed by his ambition and by his determination as he had been turned down for his college course several times but kept trying and succeeded in being offered a place to study to become a doctor. 

It is amazing how much he has achieved and he is so inspirational. I would encourage anyone to become a child sponsor as making a difference to a child's life is so very rewarding. 

*Name changed

Read Jotish's story

Children studying at a Naboasha programme
Children studying at a HOPE Naboasha Centre

Can you help change the life of a disadvantaged young person through sponsorship?

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