Jotish’s story of HOPE

Jotish's story of HOPE

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Coming from a disadvantaged family, Jotish's dream of becoming a doctor seemed out of reach. But thanks to his hard work, determination and support through child sponsorship, his dream is now a reality.

Jotish* was always an exceptionally bright student. When he completed high school, he elderly father finally retired and the only way to pay for further education was by using the family's modest savings.

Jotish dreamed of becoming a doctor. He worked hard to prepare for medical college entrance exams. Neighbours, friends and relatives helped to cover the cost of his applications. 

Despite having had no formal coaching, Jotish performed well on his exams and scored high enough to gain a place at a private medical college. However, it was impossible for Jotish to find the funds to pay for the place. 

The fees for state-run colleges were much lower, but the required score was much higher. Jotish decided to sit for the entrance exams, but this time just for state colleges. 

Jotish approached HOPE for sponsorship support. Karen, who was already a child sponsor, decided to support his journey. Her support was a game changer. 

Jotish was better prepared for the entrance exam this time, and gained a place at a government college like he planned. Although the admission fees were low, sponsorship helped Jotish cover large expenses such as books, a laptop, and other necessary equipment. 

Jotish is now in his fifth year of medical college and is undertaking an internship at a hospital A&E department. He hopes to become a cardiologist in the future. Jotish is a role model to other children on the sponsorship programme. 

*Name changed

Read a blog by Karen, Jotish's child sponsor.

Jotish (name changed) wearing a white doctor's coat
Jotish aspires to become a cardiologist

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