Asis’ story of HOPE

Asis' story of HOPE

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Following the death of his parents, Asis moved into one of HOPE's Residential Childcare Centres. Sponsorship is allowing him to pursue training and education.

[Pictured above: boys at one of HOPE's Residential Childcare Centres]

Asis'* parents tragically took their own lives as a result of a failed financial investment, leaving Asis and his sister alone.

Without any extended family to care for them, the siblings were in a vulnerable position. Asis was given a place at one of HOPE's Residential Childcare Centres. After arriving at the centre, Asis received nutrition and medical support, as well as counselling to help him come to terms with his loss. 

The young man was enrolled into school and he also received support from a private tutor to help him catch up with his schooling. 

Supported through HOPE's sponsorship programme, Asis is now studying in Class 12 and is also taking additional English language classes. He has also completed a Diploma in Computer Application. 

Asis has developed social and personal awareness through courses on topics such as child rights, health and hygiene, and the importance of interpersonal relationships, as well as careers counselling. 

After HOPE staff learned about his passion for cricket, Asis was enrolled in a cricket academy. 

With time and support from HOPE staff - as well as support from child sponsorship - Asis has built his self-confidence and developed an interest in his studies and future prospects. 

*Name changed

children in a classroom
Children from a HOPE education programme

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