Abhijit’s story of HOPE

Abhijit's story of HOPE

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Due to a difficult childhood and falling in with the wrong crowd, HOPE's Child Watch programme identified Abhijit to be in need of support. Rehabilitation at a specialist HOPE Residential Childcare Centre has changed his life.

[Pictured above: boys at a HOPE education programme]

Abhijit* and his family lived on the pavements in the Kalighat district of Kolkata. His father passed away when he was very young, and although his mother remarried, the family's income was insufficient. 

It became increasingly difficult for his mother to fulfil her children's everyday needs, further impacted his stepfather's addiction, which hindered the wellbeing of the family. 

Abhijit struggled to form friendship with his peers, and compounded by his difficult family situation, he dropped out of school in Class 3. Under the influence of other boys, Abhijit began to smoke, and the community referred him to HOPE's Child Watch programme. 

Abhijit went to a government hospital for therapy and support for one month. After completing his treatment, he was placed in HOPE's Punorjibon Residential Childcare Centre.

A very capable boy, Abhijit expressed a desire to go to school. He initially received non-formal education support to build his reading and writing skills, before enrolling into Class 3 of school. He has also taken part in various competitions, as well as joining drawing and dance classes. 

Abhijit wants to get a job and have a bright future. 

*Name changed

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