Aanshi’s story of HOPE

Aanshi's story of HOPE

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Abandoned at a young age, Aanshi's early life was incredibly challenging. But through the right care and support, as well as personal determination, Aanshi has beat the odds to build an independent life. 

Aanshi* was a just young child when her parents left her in the care of a local organisation called the Sabera Foundation and never contacted her again.

When the organisation closed down a few years later, an employee concerned about what would happen to Aanshi contacted the Kolkata Child Welfare Committee. As a result, Aanshi was placed into one of HOPE’s Residential Childcare Centres in 2014.

With care from HOPE staff, who oversaw her wellbeing, personal determination, and support with her education from a generous sponsor, Aanshi thrived.

At age 18, she moved from the Residential Childcare Centre into Hope Hostel where, as well as continued care and support, Aanshi enjoyed enriching activities such as marking International Women’s Day, learning about World Environment Day and celebrating Indian Independence Day with her fellow residents.

A highly creative girl, Aanshi got the chance to explore hobbies such as painting and card making.

During this time, she also completed Class 12 of school and then went on to complete a reputable beautician training course.

Aanshi is now an independent young woman, who is working in a bakery and is renting her own home. She aspires to become a make-up artist in the future.

*Name changed

A trainee beautician threads the eyebrows of a young woman
A young beauty trainee from HOPE's programmes

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